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There is something seriously the Mod has to speak to anyone that’s intending to confess. (Warning, contains possible RL gore)

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Anonymous Confessor

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I have this bad feeling deep down that Aya cut her hair because her first kill stained her long hair with blood.


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I think Mad Father questions the fact of which parent you trust the most


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Reading all these confessions… It never came to mind that in the true ending. Aya became just like her father. It never even slipped my mind to think so. I just assume she became a regular doctor. When Maria mentioned how, she became just like you. I thought she meant aya became a doctor.


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I believe Ogre/Onigawara is the red-eyed stranger…

1) He never reveals anything about himself besides his name, making him a technical “stranger”

2) He has red eyes if you look closely

3) in both Misao AND Mad Father he talks about curses

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Aya with her bunny, snowball, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I wonder if Aya is based on that?
Anonymous whispered: Damn you Dio

Damn you Dio

Anonymous Confessor

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I like to think that in the True Ending, Aya’s clinic is run like Sweeney Todd’s barber shop. She can’t have killed ALL her patients; otherwise, no one would continue to visit her. But I can’t argue that she’s probably experimenting on clients who probably won’t be missed.

Anonymous whispered: I still cannot beat the game. The last part is just too hard!

The chasing scene? The beginning is easy but then the second one which you have to pull the level is harder. You need to try to go around Father, there is a moment where his sprite stops to pull his chainsaw. That’s your chance to pull the level/or when trying to run past him.

Best of luck! 

Anonymous whispered: Have you play SandMan yet?

Yes!! It’s actually a pretty neat game though I think most of Uri’s games are quite good. The sandMan isn’t that scary, it’s still horrorish but not that scary. I think if your afraid of the usual horror games (mad father, Ib, the witch’s house) this game is quite recommended for ya. It’s also fairly easy to play. Overall, I think it’s worth a try to play it.Up to you to decide if you like it later on or not but personally I can related a little to the Main character haha.