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Official art by Sen

I seriously think that Novella is Aya’s clone

Anonymous Confessor


I’ve always liked that Aya isn’t afraid of anything, even though it’s wrong for an 11 year old 

A Notice

Lately I’ve been seeing this blog’s confessions on a Mad Father page on facebook. Please take note, I am not happy with it. Firstly because the page doesn’t credit the art used in the confessions and secondly because I made the confessions so if you see this blog’s confessions anywhere else other than here. Please take note that they are stealing from this blog. I made these confessions and at least I want credit for making them along with I am angry when they don’t post the source for art used in confessions. 


Anime Screenshot

Aya and Dio look like Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Aya) & Soushi Miketsukami (Dio) from Inu x Boku ss, Soushi has different colour eyes, maybe Dio had the same type of eyes too, seeing as he had his right eye gouged out, which was the blue eye for Soushi, which was also his right eye, and that they also have a yellowy-brown left eye. I’m in love with that Anime because of Mad Father, there’s also this character called Zange Natsume which likes rabbits, for me he is snowball.

Anonymous Confessor 

Game screenshot

What if Alfred took out Maria’s eyes and gave her doll’s eyes and that’s why they’re so shiny and big? He did say he loved combining parts.

Anonymous Confessor 

Game screenshot

I think the Doll ending is canon. Hence, the doll!Aya in the intro sequence



mad father

I hope mad father fans have given Misao a try! I mean if the game is trigging please don’t play it! Confessions will be coming soon! So sorry been busy a lot lately!

Misao ver. 3 ▷


Sen has updated Misao to version 3! It revamps a whole bunch of things and adds others.

- A new title screen that “progresses” like the Mad Father one.
- Everyone got taller! (New character sprites, edited from the original “default Wolf RPG” style.)
- More talk sprite expressions. So Aki isn’t just gleeful about everything she says. (But she’s still gleeful about the things that matter - and in some cases, moreso.)
- You can now play as either the boy or girl Aki from the very beginning.
- You can now play through the true ending with the boy Aki, which is a little different - even some of the scenes you’re shown are different between male and female Aki. (Don’t ask me for a logical explanation for this.)
- New stupid and amazing deaths. It wouldn’t be Misao without them!
- A million more clues than could ever be necessary about who Library actually is. We get it, Sen. (One detail that’s unlikely to be caught, though: Try naming her Maria.)
- For some reason, the warp function just takes you to the library now, no choice for the student council room. It does more to encourage quicksaving, I suppose.
- You’re no longer told whose body parts you’re finding when you find them. Even though it’s obvious, and Aki immediately knows.
- Lots of other minor changes. There are more detailed animations, and generally, pointlessly spacious rooms were made smaller.
- The uniforms are… the same as always, despite that being the only known “planned” change for ages. Well. Okay.