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I hope mad father fans have given Misao a try! I mean if the game is trigging please don’t play it! Confessions will be coming soon! So sorry been busy a lot lately!

Misao ver. 3 ▷


Sen has updated Misao to version 3! It revamps a whole bunch of things and adds others.

- A new title screen that “progresses” like the Mad Father one.
- Everyone got taller! (New character sprites, edited from the original “default Wolf RPG” style.)
- More talk sprite expressions. So Aki isn’t just gleeful about everything she says. (But she’s still gleeful about the things that matter - and in some cases, moreso.)
- You can now play as either the boy or girl Aki from the very beginning.
- You can now play through the true ending with the boy Aki, which is a little different - even some of the scenes you’re shown are different between male and female Aki. (Don’t ask me for a logical explanation for this.)
- New stupid and amazing deaths. It wouldn’t be Misao without them!
- A million more clues than could ever be necessary about who Library actually is. We get it, Sen. (One detail that’s unlikely to be caught, though: Try naming her Maria.)
- For some reason, the warp function just takes you to the library now, no choice for the student council room. It does more to encourage quicksaving, I suppose.
- You’re no longer told whose body parts you’re finding when you find them. Even though it’s obvious, and Aki immediately knows.
- Lots of other minor changes. There are more detailed animations, and generally, pointlessly spacious rooms were made smaller.
- The uniforms are… the same as always, despite that being the only known “planned” change for ages. Well. Okay.


i draw aya’s back more than her front, don’t i?

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I don’t think anyone other than the patients deserved a happy ending.

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I feel like the Eyeless Girl and Dio would be a good match for each other.

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You know, after seeing the true ending of Mad Father, I have come to the conclusion that, if I had taken just a few steps to the left or the right at the age of eleven, I may have grown up to be Aya in some way as well. Quite frankly, the thought that I wasn’t too different from Aya terrifies the hell out of me.


you two are so very alike, aya.

There is something seriously the Mod has to speak to anyone that’s intending to confess. (Warning, contains possible RL gore)

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I have this bad feeling deep down that Aya cut her hair because her first kill stained her long hair with blood.


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I think Mad Father questions the fact of which parent you trust the most